Apr 242011

Yesterday, an auction took place for the victims and the reconstruction of the disaster area after the earthquake. This action was organized by Kadokawa Shoten. Artists published in the Gundam Ace magazine auction personal effects in relation with the Gundam franchise.
Were present:
- Yoshikazu Yasuhiko (Character Designer of the first show, autor of Gundam The Origin)
- Kunio Ôkawara (Mecha Designer of the franchise)
- Hiroyuki Kitazume (Character Designer on ZZ and CCA, autor of C.D.A. Wakaki Suisei no Shôzô)
- Katsuyuki Sumisawa (Screenplayer of Gundam W, autor of Gundam W Frozen Teardrop)
- Kôichi Tokita (Autor of Gundam SEED and Gundam 00 side story manga)
- Yoshihiro Sono (Autor of Orera Renpô Gurentai and Gundam Katana)
- Ark Performance (Autor of Gihren Ansatsu KeikakuKôbô no A Baoa Qu and MSV-R Johnny Ridden no Kikan)

Source : Mantan-Web & Gundam Base


To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Gundam X, which started on April 5th 1996,  the character designer Nobuyoshi Nishimura drew two illustrations.

Kôichi Tokita, who adapted the show in manga, made also an illustration from the side-story part of the manga, New-Type Senshi Jamil Neate.

Source : Twitter (link 1, 2 and 3)



The second volume will be released on March 5th. It will be included the Beam Gatling Gun (anime version) for the MG 1/100 Gundam Unicorn.

Source : Gundam UC on Twitter


Gundam 0080, Gundam 0083 and Gundam The 08th MS Team will be available in the G-Selection collection respectively on April 22nd, May 27th and June 24th.

Source : Gundam.info


The movie and the TV show will be available in a four-disc Blu-ray Box on June 24th for 36,750 JPY.

Source : Gundam.info

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