The main page of the Gundam Unicorn website has been updated in the occasion of the announce of the anime adaptation of the novel. Py attention to the fact that the link to this website has replaced the one leading to the 30th anniversary on So, is the Unicorn anime the work that will commemorate this anniversary ?


16 years old.

Main character. When his mother died, he has been entrusted to a father that he has never known and went to the Anaheim Electronics school on the Industrial 7 space colony. His encounter with the mysterious Audrey Burne will involve him in the trouble surronding the “Box of Laplace”.


16 years old.

Heroin. Important member of the antigovernment organisation “Sodetsuki”. For an unknown reason, she boards the Garencières to reach Industrial 7. Her fate will change when Banagher saves her from a deadly danger.


A prototype Mobile Suit developped under the “UC project” in the secret base of Anaheim Electronics for the Earth Federation Forces. His characteristics are his pure white armor and horn. Nickname : Unicorn. This unit hides a secret that will change the future of mankind.

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