Veda is now on Twitter. According to, Veda records communications between Celestial Being or Earth Sphere Forces members that weren’t included in the Gundam 00 movie.

Texts in japanese.


To celebrate the 100th issue of the Gundam Ace magazine, wich will be released on October 26th, an avent will be held in Hiroshima on October 10th.

Gundam-san‘s mangaka, Hideki Oowada, will take part to a talk show and to book signing. The singer TAJA will perform a mini concert. And there will be a lottery with Gunplas to win.

Source : Gundam Comic Taizen Blog


Source : Anime Channel.


The event’s website has published pictures about the printing and the sticking of the decals which are on the plane’s fuselage.


A life-sized Core Fighter, damaged like in the end of the Mobile Suit Gundam, was exhibited at the Shizuoka Hobby Fair.

Source: 1/200maniax

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